The roads have never been this safe!

DST's combined solar-powered system, which includes a warning light, a lighted street-sign, and road studs, improves the visibility of crosswalks. The system saves investments in electricity infrastructures, saves greenhouse gas emissions, and mostly saves lives!

Trafic circles not only look better...

DST's solar-powered system for traffic circles combines architectural lighting in various colors, along with security lighting, and enables the traffic circles' visibility at a distance of tens of meters!

Electrical infrastructure is no longer needed

DST offers a variety of signs for orientation or advertisement. The signs are unparalleled in energy efficiency and offer a low-cost, immediate solution to lighted signs.

Providing energy for large commercial signs.
DST offers a bus stop that includes a lighted advertising sign and internal lighting. From now on, there is no need for compromise, even in remote bus stops, away from the power grid.

Advanced sensor system
Increases cost-efficiency, and lighting only when people are present in the bus stop. The system enables bus drivers to notice the stop from afar, and know whether there are people waiting for the bus.

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DST – Delivering the most efficient solutions, products and services in the Solar Power Industry.


In the Solar Power Industry, efficiency is everything, and DST delivers maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency meaning more energy produced from every ray of sunshine

Maximum efficiency meaning better exploitation of stored energy

Maximum efficiency meaning products that works better and for a longer period of time. 


DST delivers maximum efficiency, thus our products are more reliable, more durable and more cost effective bringing our customers the best possible products, services and solutions.