The perfect security system for crosswalks


DST's system saves lives and saves the earth!
The system is constructed from the following units:

  • Blinking, LED-based lights that function 24 hours a day.

  • LED-based sign that only operate in the nighttime.

  • Road stud system that operates in the nighttime.

  • Batteries that can power the system for up to 72 hours.

  • Solar panels – can supply energy for 36 work hours during an average winter's day (vital to recharge after rainy days)

  • Micro-processor based charge controller that ensures optimal battery charging and discharging that prolongs the battery's lifespan.
  • Electronic managing system that controls three ports: One that operates a traffic signal for the entire day, a second port that supplies a stabilized current, in two levels, to operate signs at night, and a third port that controls the road stud system.
    The managing system includes computerized algorithms to operate the system in different configurations, according to the amount of energy of the batteries in the beginning of the night (Controls the signs' light intensity, operation hours etc.)

The system is also programmed for different scenarios of functioning in extreme conditions, when there isn't enough energy in the batteries, according to the amount of energy left in the batteries, for instance: Dimming the signs' light intensity, turning the lights off in the late night, changing the studs' frequency etc.

All of the system's components and parts are made by the leading companies in the world. The system is programmed to work for many years, without any malfunction or need of maintenance (with the exception of changing the battery every few years).
The system can also be purchased in partial specification (Only the sign, only the traffic lights, etc.) It is also possible to purchase a hybrid system that functions using the power grid and batteries (Compatible to a street lighting system that only runs in the nighttime).