Why would you need a smart charge controller?


Unfortunately, both batteries and solar panels are fairly "stupid" products. Their voltage changes through time due to many different factors. In order to synchronize them efficiently, there is need for a smart charge controller.


Example: a 120W solar panel produces 7.1 amperes in 16.9 Volts. (Their product is 120 – Data from Kyocera KC-120). The voltage of a fairly low battery is 10.5V. Charging will give you 10.5 times 7.1 = 74.55W, which means that about 40% of the power is lost!!!


Not only is a 40% loss of the expensive system that you purchased frustrating, but in poor weather conditions, it could also render you powerless.


The solution is to equip your system with a smart charge controller, one that can extract the maximal current from the solar panels according to the weather conditions and the battery level at each and every time.


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DST develops and manufactures a variety of advanced electronic systems:

  • Advanced charge controllers – Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and maximum power point tracker (MPPT), along with different combinations of charging methods that ensure maximal energetic efficiency, quick and full charging of the batteries and maintaining the battery's lifetime (read more). DST's charge controllers may be ordered for different currents.
  • AC chargers and combined chargers – DST offers advanced multistage chargers to charge batteries from the regular power grid, as well as combined chargers which allow backing up solar-powered systems by use of generators and the power grid.


  • LVLD - DST offers the perfect solution for UPS systems and backup energy from batteries. Our LVLD (low voltage load disconnect) combines a multistage battery charger that charge the batteries as quickly as possible after using it. It also keeps the batteries from over charging and over discharging. Other built in functions are current limiting and setting the desired voltage for disconnecting the load by simple change of parameters is the device software.


  • Current drivers – DST offers a wide range of current drivers. These drivers are used by us mainly for LED lighting and they assure stable light, long life and of course high efficiency. Some charge controller have an integrated current driver and provide a fix current output.


  • DC-DC inverters - DST offers a series of very efficient DC-DC converters. Some can be integrated with the charge controller (and provide a stable voltage output) and others are stand-alone products.