Main advantages

DST's products offer three central advantages:

Infrastructure: Solar-powered products do not require any electric infrastructure to function, saving a lot of time and money. In fact, because of the high infrastructure costs, a large part of the company's products return the purchase costs even before the activation!
Energy Consumption: DST's illumination devices consume only 10%-40% of the amount consumed by comparable products (including fluorescent lighting). This difference is very important in solar-powered products, since it allows a proportional difference in the size of the solar panels and batteries. DST's illumination devices are planned to work at a direct current, which allows absolute control of the light intensity and prevents waste.
Integral Planning: The company plans and manufactures all of the electronic components included in its products (As opposed to companies that integrate products by several manufacturers). This way, the various components in the products are perfectly compatible with one another, and prevent any waste of energy. The company's products include micro-processors that orchestrate the system's components and allow predetermined changes according to various parameters, such as the remaining battery energy, the weather, the sun's intensity etc. Additionally, the company includes various detectors and sensors that ensure further saving of energy.

The company's products are designed to function for decades with no malfunction (MTBF>100,000), all the electronic circuits in the company's products are made in-house and are designed and manufactured in Israel. The LED's lifespan are tens of thousands of hours. Meaning, if activated 12 hours a day, there is no need to replace the LEDs for years!


Solar-powered products do not cause any greenhouse gas emissions. The company's other products saves the environment tons of greenhouse gases (as opposed to regular lighting) and that up to code with the newest regulations, and the principles of the Kyoto treaty. The company uses recyclable materials in its products that are up to the strictest environmental codes.