Product lines

DST offers several product lines:

The company manufactures a large number of security products for roads, crosswalks, traffic circles, and railway crosses. These products include lighted road signs, traffic signals, warning signals, road studs and more. The solar-powered products do not require any electric infrastructure, and are easy and quick to install. The products charge their batteries during the day and utilize the energy during the night.
Since these are safety products, the company insures that they function properly in any weather condition using microprocessors that controls the products' parameters using preplanned smart algorithms. The company's products can match the blinking frequency, light color and intensity to the weather, light hours, length of the nights, state of energy in the batteries etc.
Additionally, at the customers' request, the company can integrate cellular communication in its products that transmit a warning when there are system malfunctions or there is a need to change the batteries.


Signs and lighting
DST offers a variety of systems that combine LED lighting with solar energy. The company supplies solar bus stops with lighting and lighted signs, solar-powered billboards, solar street-signs, and more. Some of the products are designed to shield the solar panels to prevent sabotage. The company also specializes in converting regular systems to solar energy.
These systems also include computerized control that enables predetermining their activation hours and intensity. The company offers illumination devices for apartments, roads, gardens and pathways. The lighting is activated by solar energy stored in batteries during the daytime. Using the technologies developed by the company, the illumination devices function even in extreme weather conditions and for many years.
DST's lighting enables saving of 100% in energy consumption and infrastructure costs (power lines, etc.) and most of the maintenance costs.


Solar energy for various uses
DST offers a variety of solar-powered devices that supply energy to electric systems in remote locations. The company has supplied unique systems to Israel's railways with an unparalleled level of security and reliability. Systems have also been supplied for various uses such as electric bus stop signs, activation of communication in remote locations and more.
DST also supplies 'hybrid' systems that enable continuous acitivity in locales in which the power grid functions only for a few hours during the day or night. These systems have been supplied to an urban environment in Israel (systems that charge during the night from the lighting in the light posts and enable activity during the day), states in Africa, as well as remote ranches in Israel, with insufficient power supplies.