Active solar road studs


As we all know, in the nighttime, the driver's vision is limited to the range of the car's lights. Even reflectors are limited in this respect, and can only be seen at a distance that the car covers in 3.2 seconds. In fact, for a driver to notice any marking from a distance, such marking has to be lighted in itself. The marking that provides the best visibility is the kind that contains illumination devices that light in the direction of the driver.

DST's active road studs include LED-based illumination and can be noticed from a distance of tens of meters, ten times the maximum distance of reflectors!According to English researches, roads that incorporate active road studs have 70% less accidents in the nighttime!


DST's active road studs main advantages:

1. Activation using a solar cell that supplies energy to activate the product for decades, and saves the need for changing batteries or connection to the power grid.

2. Reliability – When a product is permanently installed in a road, it is required to function properly without maintenance. DST's road studs function properly for years in the most drastic middle-eastern and East European conditions: Frequent blows from vehicles, turmoil, vibrations, heat in the daytime and cold in the winter nights, roads' expansion and contraction etc.

3. The system recognizes nightfall and starts functioning independently in the nighttime. The system ceases its activity at daybreak.

4. Life span of over 20 years. We use components and LEDs manufactured by the leading companies in the world, ensuring a lifespan of over 100,000 work hours. Our vast experience in manufacturing current management circuits allows the LEDs to function in optimal conditions, and thus function for many years.

5. The system incorporates solar panels that allow proper system activity in extreme weather conditions. The large capacitor enables proper activity without recharging for over 3 nights.

6. Light intensity of over 56,000mcd per unit! Such intensity allows visibility for especially long ranges.

7. The energy is stored in a capacitor. As opposed to chargeable batteries, the capacitor's life spans for decades. The capacitors we incorporate supply the product with 500,000 cycles of charging and discharging!