solar bus stops



Enjoy the sun while you wait


DST's bus stops offer smart illumination system in terms of both lighting methods and supporting electronic systems:

Advertisement Signs
Advertisement signs on bus stops have many features: They act as a light source to the people waiting in the station, they make the bus stop more visible in the nighttime, and of course they act as a source of income for return on investment. DST's advertisement signs offer very high light intensity (1,500Lx), uniform lighting across the sign and maximum energy efficiency.

The advertisement sign's lighting system is micro-computer controlled and assures that it will always remain the most intense and attractive lighting according to weather conditions. The computerized system records the length of the nights and checks the amount of energy in the batteries in the beginning of every night. The system plans the light activity to light at maximum power when the traffic of people is maximal. In extreme cases where the energy is not enough to light in maximum power all through the night, the system will reduce the amount of light in the middle of the night.

Internal Lighting
DST's bus stations also include powerful LED lighting within the station. In order to save energy (and also, of course, to save the costs of the solar panel and batteries), the station is equipped with a volume sensor that dims the light when there are no people in the station. In stations without advertisement signs, there is an option of leaving some of the lights on so that the station can be seen in the dark by passengers.

Solar Panel
DST uses a novel, flexible solar panel. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be attached to the upper part of the station to remain unseen.

Smart Electronic Systems
The bus stops utilize smart charge controllers and current managers, developed by DST. These systems, which are cutting-edge in today's market, allow maximum utilization of each and every solar beam for night-time illumination. Additionally, these systems ensure an especially long life span of all of the system's components, from its batteries to its lighting devices.