Solar lighting


DST makes the sun shine, even at night!

DST supplies a variety of solar lighting systems: portable systems, stationary systems, lighting for streets and parks, lighting for gardens and pathways, camp lighting and more.

Solar lighting saves the need for electric infrastructure installation, and thus offers a cost-effective solution that saves resources, from the moment of installation.



System Components:

LED lighting – All DST's illumination devices have very long lifespan without malfunctions (MTBF>50,000 hours). LED lighting is very cost-effective, and using it allows lighting for a long time without over discharging the batteries.

Solar panel – DST customizes the panels to the illumination devices' energy consumption and guarantees that you will be able to enjoy the lighting, even in winter days when the sun doesn't shine its brightest.

Batteries – The batteries in our systems supply energy to a very large number of charge and discharge cycles. The batteries have excess capacity, to allow lighting even for several nights without charging. Of course, the batteries are recyclable.

Electronic System – DST's electronic system allows effective activation for years. The system is based on a microprocessor that runs the various components of the system and has the following properties:

  • Charge controller that assures effective utilization of the solar panel and producing the maximum energy out of every ray of sun.
  • Effective battery management that prevents overcharging and over discharging, and keeps the battery for years.
  • Computerized current management circuits that control the light intensity and maintain the LEDs in the lighting devices.
  • Several systems made by the company include special algorithms that allow automatic changes in the light intensity, according to predetermined setting, and according to the amount of energy in the batteries.