Solar power supply


Anywhere you want, for every use, and for every amount of energy necessary.
DST's energy supply systems will supply any amount of energy you need, anywhere.
Direct or alternate current, low or high voltage, daily or nightly use, for regular use or for backup – DST has vast experience in all kinds of systems.

The system is comprised of the following units:

  • Solar panels in accordance to the geographical area and the required amount of energy
  • Batteries for energy storage
  • Microprocessor-based charge controller that ensures optimal battery charge and smart discharge that ensures the long lifespan of the batteries.
  • Voltage conversion according to the customer's requirements: DC to DC converters, AC converters etc.
  • Backup generator systems that go into action in extreme weather conditions (optional).
  • Electronic management system that includes computerized algorithms to activate the system in various configurations in accordance to the sun's intensity, the remaining energy in the batteries, various client requirements etc.

DST has vast experience in the area and has supplied a myriad of systems for different uses, such as activation of hazard measures, activation of remote communication systems, various electronic systems, backup systems for power outages etc.
Most of the system's components are manufactures by DST, with the company's guarantee of reliability. Other components of the system are manufactured by the leading manufacturers in the world and combined optimally in our systems. The system is designed to function for a large number of years without malfunctions and with no need for maintenance (With the exception of replacing the batteries every few years).