Solar-powered system for traffic circles


It is common knowledge that in the nighttime, a driver's vision is limited to the distance lighted by the car's lights. Even reflectors are limited to the range that the car lights.
In fact, if you want the driver to notice any kind of marking from a distance, it has to be lighted in itself.
The most visible kind of marking is the kind that contains illumination figures that light in the direction of the driver.
DST's active road studs include LED-based illumination and can be noticed from a distance of hundreds of meters!


The centrally-controlled traffic-circle road stud system offers its users the following advantages:

  1. Warning lights that are also architectural lighting. Contributes to the visibility of the circle at night and warns the drivers approaching the circle. Additionally, the colorful LED lighting can be integrated with the circle's architectural design and constitutes as a significant added value.
  2. Light intensity of up to 100 Lumens per unit!
  3. The system detects the nightfall and operates independently at nighttime. The system stops its activity at daybreak.
  4. Life span of over 20 years. We use components and LEDs made by the leading companies in the world and ensure a lifespan of over 100,000 work hours. Our vast experience in manufacturing current management circuits allows the LEDs to operate in optimal conditions, and thus operate at full intensity for many years.
  5. The system incorporates solar panels that allow proper system activity in extreme weather conditions. The battery's large capacity enables proper activity without reloading for over 3 nights.
  6. Synchronized and integrated system activity – all the studs blink at the same frequency, and start and finish working simultaneously.
  7. Enables the user control of light intensity and blinking frequency even after installation.
  8. Enables replacing central system components after installation.
  9. Electronic system enables proper system activity even when one (or more) of the studs malfunctions. (i.e., if one of the LEDs burns, the other 59 will still function properly.)

Also enables activation using the power grid. Grid activation enables a system that functions continuously.